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Zen Digital Media is founded by a group of young and energetic entrepreneurs focused on leveraging its customer with state of the art Technology by offering innovative, contemporary and cost-effective technology solutions.

  • Web Designing We understand the web design process and with years of refining our process, we believe that we can offer you a streamlined approach to taking your ideas and requirements, and delivering a website that is not only designed to the highest specification, but also functional and on target to achieve your business goals.

  • Web Development Everything begins to come together at this point; designs have been coded into templates, content has been laid out for each area, and the content management system is being set up to handle each section of content, so you have full control over editing your website.

  • SEO SEO is all about optimising your website for search engines, and when it is found, making sure they can read it properly so you are indexed in their results where you want to be. It's not enough to just put a site up online and hope you get traffic.

  • Branding Graphic Design is all about communication and making an impression. It is a visual representation of your business. Quality graphic design will improve your marketing materials in many ways and can help your business come across as successful and professional.

  • Social Networking Social Media has taken online marketing by storm in recent years. It has captured a decent precentage of marketers' advertising spend and this is growing exponentially. It can be a brilliant fit for certain business types while also being of limited value to other businesses.

  • Web Hosting Not only do you need a good website, you need to make sure it's available to internet users 24/7. Clients have a number of options to host their websites, and usually depends on their traffic size and resource requirements. Mainly, the options to most websites are shared hosting, vps hosting, and dedicated servers.

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